Brotherhood. That’s how Braised & Confused started, and that’s what we hope to share. The Del Priore family inherited the Italian tradition of expressing love for community and family through food. Every holiday and special occasion was celebrated with a feast, and the dining-room table was always packed with family and friends. Mom was master of her kitchen, and brothers Paul and Mike were eager to help. From this, Paul and Mike learned not only the benefits of cooking from scratch and using the freshest ingredients. They also learned the value of putting their heart and soul into food. Now that Paul and Mike have families of their own, this tradition lives on. Over the years, Mike often invited Paul and his two sons, Will and Caleb, to his apartment in Brooklyn. Together, they developed a mutual passion for discovering obscure comic book stores, scintillating street art, and cutting-edge restaurants. Whether it be Buff Monster’s spray paint eyeballs or Mission Chinese’s Szechuan peppercorn chicken wings, the Del Priore boys found so much inspiration in their adventures, they decided to start a food business and share it with the world.Imbued with the love of bringing people together over great food, the two generations of Del Priore brothers created Braised & Confused. Specializing in gourmet beer-braised brisket and Dominican pulled pork sandwiches and gluten-free tacos, topped with signature crunchy ‘slaws, Braised & Confused is poised to start the new wave of the BBQ food craze. Find their food stand at festivals in central Pennsylvania this summer!