Our Signature Sandwich - Pernil/Slaw/Pickled Veg on Ciabatta

Pernil. Shredded pork shoulder marinated in mojo and garlic and cilantro. Topped with a sugar snap and red cabbage slaw - fresh seasonal herbs, honey, lemon juice, EVOO. Topped with pickled vegetables. Finished with sriracha sour cream (optional).

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Pernil Taco

We start with two corn shells. We jam them with a heaping portion of pernil, which is mojo and garilc marinated pork. Then, it's topped with our signature slaw and finished with sriracha sour cream.

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Beer Braised Brisket Sandwich

Beer Braised Brisket on a Gourmet Roll Topped with Sweet Soy Peanut Ginger Slaw.

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Brisket Bahn Mi

Our tender braised brisket piled high on a long soft crispy roll. Lime, garlic, cilantro mayo; pickled diakon and carrot; cucumber; cilantro

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